Meg Weber

Meg Weber writes memoir and creative nonfiction, crafting collections of true stories from the pages of her days. Meg’s writing waits for her with surprising patience while other elements of life demand her time and attention. Writing is one more thing pulling her focus, but it is also the thing that allows her to show up in all the other areas of life with authentic integrity. Meg’s memoir writing gives voice to the ways her life continues to unfold outside the boundaries prescribed for her. She writes about transgression, about creating her own home in community, and about finding her way back into connection with her family through tragedy. 

Meg is currently at work on her first collection of essays. Perimeter: A Memoir of Place is a collection of stories about home and belonging. She writes:

I grew up at the intersection of two streets called Perimeter and lived the first eighteen years of my life in that home with my parents and seven older siblings. When my family sold the house and moved from one suburb of Portland to another, I started a series of moves that would include living in twenty-four different residences over the next twenty-two years. This collection tells at least one story from each of the places I’ve lived, interspersed with memories of the years on Perimeter. The narrative focuses on a central theme of my existence on the edge of any group I am part of, most notably my family. 

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Yellow Brick Road